To lead, or not to lead…

On the way home tonight from a friend’s house some provoking, insignificant thought hit me. I wanted so badly to post a one sentence rant on Facebook and Twitter, but whatever it was couldn’t have been too great if I can’t remember it now. I stopped short of it when I thought about the responsibility I have to those following what I post on FB and Twitter, a responsibility ordained by Jesus to lead carefully, lovingly, and truthfully. My next thought was of the possibility that no one even keeps up with what I post, or even cares. I believe God taught me a little tonight about leading. Here are a few thoughts on it, though not necessarily in order of importance:

1) If you ever hope to lead people on correct paths, you have to act like you are leading even when no one is following. It’s not easy doing the right thing even if no one is around and I certainly won’t claim to do it all the time, but right is usually simple . . . and seldom easy. Is it even possible to lead a person down a particular path without walking that direction before they begin following? It is possible that no one would have taken a second look at the status I wanted to post, but I knew the attitude it came from was (and is) not how I desire anyone following me to act.

2) Leading is pretty simple: do what needs to be done. Think about those you know who are good examples of authority or responsibility. More than likely they go above and beyond; they do more than their fair share. It’s not because they want attention or enjoy working their tail off, but because they would rather do something which is someone else responsibility than see it lay there and rot. I have a LONG way to go in my walk with Jesus, but I do notice that even though I don’t like being in the spotlight very much nor enjoy responsibility, I often end up in some type of leadership role. Why? It drives me up walls to see things just continually go undone and as we all know, once you pick up a responsibility someone else had lain down it’s yours for good 🙂 I encourage you to just do it, whatever it is, that God is nudging you about and that is staring you in the face. If it is something of God I am hopeful someone else will fall in and help you or at least give a word of encouragement, but if not do it anyway. As in #1, you’ve got to act like a leader first.

3) You (and I) are not too important. Jesus is king. To God be all the glory. He exalts those who serve all the rest. You cannot lead and also do all the other jobs, but you should never ask someone to do something you would not do. Jesus didn’t. He washed his disciples feet, so don’t be afraid to get dirty and work beside those you have the opportunity to lead. Show them how it’s done instead of telling. This is probably my weakest area of ministry when it comes to missions, one of the most important. If all a leader does is tell followers about giving, or visiting, or even witnessing, that’s all the followers think they are supposed to do about it as well.

I sincerely hope this helps someone out there; it will be more than worth it if even one gets something. I hope you’ll pray with me that God overcome my weaknesses and mold me into a Jesus resembling leader in the days ahead.

Share God’s love,



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