To Apply, or not to Apply..

Can I just say that trying to find the right career path, that one path that God has planned for us, is difficult at best? I think it’s difficult mostly because we tend to not be in tune well enough to hear what He is saying, but tough all the same. To make matters more confusing, there is always the possibility that our own personal walk was never meant to be in one specific career for our entire working life.

I find myself at a very confusing crossroads in life. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in education this past May. By the time I finished I had serious doubts that being a classroom teaching was the exact right job for me. I ended up interviewing for a teaching position that wasn’t my first choice, but I figured it was what God would insist I do so I braced myself to accept. Some miscommunication ensued, and the opportunity vanished. I now find myself scouring any and all available jobs out there with little to show but confusion. I come across a job now and then that sound good, but none feel right. I have no income as of now, with looming student loan repayment. Sleeping in and doing nothing is fine for a few days, but I really don’t like not doing something constructive anymore. I feel horrible for not having 20 applications out there and pounding the pavement. The thing is, I want that career I can pour myself into and develop into a personal ministry of sorts. Granted not all jobs are directly linked to the Kingdom, but I really desire to be able to help grow it. I am tempted to apply for everything I find and count on God to get me in the right one; I am also tempted to continue to wait for Him to show me the ONE that is specifically for me.

Here’s where it gets biblical. I personally believe that we too often sit completely still to “wait on God”.  I mean to say that God is already doing something, and while we sit and wait we miss what we are already supposed to be doing. In Exodus 14:13-15 there is a commonly quoted verse where Moses tells Israel to stand and be silent while God fights for them. Few people quote the next verse though where God says, “Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.” God didn’t want them to “wait” the way we usually wait on Him. However I read an article today which advised the readers to wait on God like the Israelites did when they were being led by the cloud. When the cloud lifted they moved; if it didn’t move for a day they stayed put. In one instance God wanted them to stop praying/standing and get on with it; in another He wanted them to stay put until He showed them where to go. Both are Bible; both are true. How in the world do we know when we should move forward while waiting and when we should truly sit still? If I had any extra pennies I would give them for your thoughts.




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