I’m writing a book!

I have heard it said that the only time one should write a book is when it has to be written, or something like that. I have had an idea for a novel which has somewhat tortured me for at least a year now. Due to the amount of time off I have had lately and the knowledge that I will apparently be haunted until I put this down on paper, I finally got started. I don’t expect to hit it big or become a famous author, but maybe, just maybe, this is something God really wants me to do. Maybe this will touch just one life and cause some people to ask some really tough questions of themselves. I plan to offer it first online, probably with Amazon; hopefully I will soon have a job and be able to finance the publishing by doing it myself. I will say that it is difficult to stay on task, even more so than it was in college. My plan was to do something every day even if it was just planning. I haven’t kept to my plan.

I have a job interview Monday. This is a confusing time, and any prayers for clarity would be greatly appreciated. I have come to believe, perhaps erroneously, that it is more important that we are the light in whatever career we work in than which career it is itself. Likewise, I have applied to another job in the hunting/fishing related industry which I believe would be SO MUCH FUN, but whether or not I would have the opportunity to be a light I cannot say.

I have been thinking a lot about a topic close to home for basically everyone; my focus is on it’s problem for Christians and youth. There is rampant loneliness in the Church, which I find troubling. I don’t believe it should be so, but what to do? I am not talking about being alone on a Friday night (which is certainly a bad feeling), but that curious loneliness that comes even and especially in a crowd. THAT loneliness is very close to feeling isolated. I have found lately that more of us feel that way than I ever knew. Where do we go from here?


2 thoughts on “I’m writing a book!

  1. I pray God’s blessing on your job search and with your book. I was offered a part-time job today as a Volunteer Resource Manager for an agency working with the developmentally handicapped. I think it would be a great opportunity to serve in Christ’s name among those considered “the least of these”. I’m pretty sure I’m going to take it, but I’ll be praying it over this weekend.

    Also, I’ve been writing about my journey toward publication on my blog. Check it out when you get the chance.

    God bless, Tony

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