when i grow UP

As I near turning 21 for the 7th time, I have figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I suspect that the amount of free time I’ve had as an unemployed college grad has played some part in this.

But first, I’ve also been thinking a lot about how faith ties in with this. I certainly don’t believe that every desire I have is from God, but there’s something to say about how some dreams must be. There was a time I daydreamed about teaching youth; I never thought I would have that opportunity. Turns out, I did. So how does one know when a dream of ours is shared by our creator? You got me; I don’t know.

Ok, so I failed to catch that particular rabbit . . . sue me. As I was saying, I have figured it out . . . I think.

The best dream I can come up with is of me still teaching youth in the Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but I love it. There’s something about that rare moment when my enthusiasm becomes contagious and they “get it” that can be topped by little else. The second job is playing guitar, and not like I do now. No I mean in a worship band who tours. I would go from opening for Third Day to playing sold-out venues. The fame isn’t necessarily what I’m after; I dream of leading true worship (if rhythm guitar is leading) and seeing people free from fear of what others think. Of course I would never stop playing for the youth group (doubt that can be topped). Every congregation would want us to come, not because of notoriety but because of authenticity. Playing is one of the few things I have pursued thinking I would love it, and actually love it. I enjoy playing as much as possible, wherever. Finally, in the remaining hours of my week I would be a radio personality who writes a good bit and is listened to/read by many. I honestly (and probably naively) believe I have that quirky/weird/insightful/rambling line of thought that could be good for radio and writing. I’m afraid to pursue this last one though due to a potentially bruised ego if I wasn’t good.

That’s my dream job(s). I feel that would be the life in which I never actually feel like I’m working. I freely admit that I want that big of a platform. I want to be a shining light there; I want to be part of “free indeed” for thousands; I want to be a part of planting a generation of Christians who are genuine and fearlessly follow; I want to be a ear to many hurting; I want to make people smile on the way to a job they don’t like; I want to share insight with confused and hurting people like myself; I want the fame, to point to One more famous who actually deserves the spotlight.

I have yet to reconcile how that life would agree with my love for staying in the background. Maybe another day. It has been said that God will give you as big a platform as you can handle. It sounds good, but I can’t back it up Biblically at this point. I have seen dreams come true before. As for this one, we’ll see. I’m content to do whatever it is that I will likely end up doing that isn’t my dream, but this post will be on my refrigerator if “the dream” pans out.


2 thoughts on “when i grow UP

  1. I think you can have it all, even if not professionally, start your own podcast – promote it, play in your free time, passions should always be pursued even if they aren’t your careers, as for knowing what the creator has in store for you – he may just be waiting for you to pick something so he can be there as a guiding support.

    • Good suggestions, I’ve never given much thought to ways I could begin pursuing in case opportunity arose. I guess it would be foolish to hope to be on stage or the radio without taking some steps in that direction.

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