Can you make change?

This is part 2 of the series on loneliness, something I imagine everyone deals with from time to time. It’s a shame though for Christians to feel like they are on lonely island, particularly because not only do we always have God but supposedly have each other as He intended. Somewhere along the way the Church has not been there for each other the way we should and created a distance between ourselves. Inside that chasm lies lonely island, where we feel like no else understands, no one could love us and accept us, and no one cares.

I would think we all want off this island. So what’s the secret?

The only real possibility is for each of us to become the change we want to see. OR we could point out the flaws and sit around hoping someone will come to our aid. That approach is likely to fail though, unless we take the lead.

Jesus taught something that has rarely been practiced, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Very applicable here. You want real relationships with other Jesus followers? Go to them in His name and offer your hand. Put yourself out there; risk something. You will find few others who will open up unless you RISK something first. If just a few of us begin really listening to people, offering our time and energy, sharing their burdens, sharing their joy, accepting them no matter what, giving them a hand up, sharing how God brought us through the same things . . . I believe it will spread like fire.

God intends for us to represent Him well, which means being there for people BEFORE, often long before, they ever return any gratitude. This begs a question, how serious are we about following?

Not only can we be change . . . we can make it (by His power of course)!


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