it’s JUST not FAIR

It’s true, like it or not. It’s all about who you know. I always resented that people got the jobs everyone else wants because of who they knew. People get record deals, scholarships, spotlights, and every other imaginable honor . . . all because of who they know. It isn’t fair!

Here’s the thing: when we say fair we really mean even. Life’s not even. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but . . . God’s not fair, at least not the way we mean it. He gives different gifts to different people. One person has the opportunity to use an abundance of wealth for the kingdom, another can sing, unlike me. This life will be a long ride if we go through it resenting everyone else not getting the same treatment. I would like to note that fair and just are NOT the same. God is most certainly just, but we want fair. At least we think we do.

Sorry, I digressed. Accepting this, I have come to realize that “who you know” applies in virtually every realm of life, even eternally speaking. It doesn’t matter what one knows, or even how much one knows about God. We will only enter Heaven by knowing Jesus and being known by Him.

It still doesn’t feel good to be continually passed over for jobs I want because I don’t know the right people, but after thinking about it this way . . . maybe getting into places based on who I know isn’t such a bad thing. I may never get into anywhere fancy or important here, but I know who knows me. I’ll take that over $40K any day.

It’s all about who you know.



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