Coffee house?

I blame the blogging world, as well as Kenneth at (if you see this Kenneth, I’m not exactly sure whether to thank you or not quite yet)

I’m not sure if it’s all his coffee house stories or the onset of cold weather or something else, but I have suddenly developed a desire to just go sit at a coffee house (if that’s the right term) to have some good coffee (not even that much of a coffee person) and maybe make some new friends or acquaintances.

If you knew me well you’d know how strange this is. I’m extremely introverted. I don’t desire company all that often, especially not meeting new people. I do enjoy people but just one or two at a time then, and good friends, not strangers.

Lately though I have wanted to meet some new people, not at the expense of my close friends, but just to get out a little more and make a few more connections. I don’t know that there’s any changing who I am at the core, but I honestly think I may do a poor job living out my faith by hiding and rarely meeting new people. I genuinely enjoy finding who people are and getting to know them, but previously have preferred the online format.

Maybe it’s time to get out more. I don’t expect any action soon though.

1) I’m still unemployed and unable to go do much of anything

2) There isn’t a whole lot I can do about it where I live (I think there might be one or two such places within a 30 minute drive)

Of course, I am open to suggestions for meeting people should you have some . . .



6 thoughts on “Coffee house?

  1. Great to see a fellow introvert pushing out of the comfort zone! I’ve been feeling like I need a change of atmosphere…maybe try out a coffee place but they always seem to be full of “the regulars” and the feeling of standing out in this place gets me all the time…hahaha…I know I need to get over it.

    Ideas on meeting new people, does it have to be at a coffee place? or people your age? There are couple of ways you can meet people without cutting a hole in your pocket, volunteer at church or go visit someone at a senior center. Plenty of people who long to have company. =)

    • Yep! I guess I just don’t want to get stuck in too much of a rut (like I’m not already). I’m not sure how I would reconcile the “regulars” thing either. I’ll have to give the whole thing some further thought; I live about 20 minutes from any town. At that, the closest has 1 stoplight! Yes, those places still exist haha.

      How introverted are you 1-10?

  2. Oh…what I would give to only go through 1 stoplight! Every day I probably go through 7 or more and not to mention the traffic on freeway. =)

    Introvert…well, I probably fall in the middle I think. It seems to only come out when I’m really conscious of myself. Don’t we all do that? Instead of walking in a room and meeting people and sharing the love of God, we make it about ourselves. Selfishness, it’s so imbedded in us.

    • I’ve been there, and don’t really miss it, although I would be glad to drive through a few right now for a paycheck ha!

      I suppose it’s more pronounced at those times for me. I would probably register a 9 or 10 though. I genuinely enjoy being alone a great deal of the time. Funny thing is, I can be really charismatic at times and work a crowd, but it’s pretty much an act when I do. I do enjoy talking one on one though so I have kind of loosely set a goal for myself just to work on striking up more conversations with one other person at a time. You’re right though, as I’ve set out to be a man after God’s heart I have become acutely aware of my selfishness.

      • I hear ya on the paycheck thing, hope you find one soon. God is faithful! Proverbs 3:5, things may not make sense right now but He is in control =)

        One on one conversations are great! That says a lot bout your character. God has given you a desire to care about people, genuinely care. It means more than just asking “how are you” conversations & really want to know who the person is. Keep it up! =)

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