Say Cheese

There I were…

One of my favorite parts of one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, not that it has anything to do with anything; it just seemed like a good opener.

I apologize for my lengthy sabbatical. It has been kind of hectic, and I simply just haven’t been inspired. I try not to write just for writing’s sake.

Regarding my single journey: I am now running two miles at a time. I have grown to feel very driven to keep it up; I actually enjoy it, usually right after I finish. I have gone back to work at my old job in retail. I fought it for so long, but it has been easy to see it’s right where God always intended for me to end up. I’m not sure yet how it all fits in the bigger picture, but it has been kind of nice all the same. I do know that I can learn from this how to manage money better, a consistent weakness of mine. Not only does Jesus speak about those who manage a little well being given more, but in a happy and successful marriage money must not become a fighting point. At the least, I can learn to handle it the way God intends now for my future. Additionally, it has become clear that an old friend still working there needs me right now. I just hope I speak words of truth and love at the right time, and that I represent Jesus well during this whole part of my journey.

I basically asked out a girl nine months ahead of time. I know it’s cheesy, but I felt I had to do it as part of becoming the man I’m meant to be. No more playing around trying to get women to ask me out or text me first. I can live with it if she’s not single by then, but I couldn’t live with another missed opportunity.

All in all, I think the lesson for us here is this: actively seek what we can learn NOW for the Kingdom. Even the little things can play a big part later, if we pay attention.



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