Hey Mr. Dougy Can You Teach Me How to Dougy?

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted on here. If there is anyone who missed me, which I doubt, I apologize. I have been extremely busy. Let me try and catch you up.

I apparently screwed up a friendship which I had hoped would lead to something more eventually. As of the 6th I am a middle school math teacher. I find that one peculiar because within a couple weeks of saying, “ok God if that’s what you really want me to do I will go,” I got the job. The teaching is why I haven’t been on here. I’ve been getting up well before daylight, working until dark or after, bringing it home, and working some more until bedtime. I worked my way up to running 3 miles and haven’t run since I started. I have played guitar 5 or less times since I started, less than ever since I began playing. One last thing; I’m not sure if anything will ever come from it, but I have already found myself in one of those situations where a single girl’s coworker called one of mine to see if I was single. I told her that I’m not really looking but would be glad to get to know her. Overall, there are times in each day that make me love what I am doing and times that well . . . not so much. I can say that, at least for now, I feel strongly that I am where He wants me. I would be lying if I said I don’t hope to end up doing some type of ministry full time in the future though.

I spoke at a youth lock in Friday night and thought I would offer some of the same to my readers, if they still exist. I have discovered, or rather God has revealed, a theme in Jesus’ teachings. Don’t be afraid, believe. Fear is the absence of faith my friends. If we truly want to grow in faith we simply must do the things we are afraid of, faith wise. I was afraid of teaching, but God has taken care of me. In every instance of fear in which I went anyway, it has been alright. To really believe Him is to step out. What if we made a different kind of bucket list, one of our fears, and crossed them off one by one trusting God with the consequences? What if we feared nothing and no one except Him? What if we traded in the life we feel comfortable about and traded it in for the one we’re afraid of now instead of wishing we had at age 90?

Don’t be afraid; where is your faith?


PS: The title comes from my 6th graders, who like to sing that when they think I’m not listening. They make me want to scream, and sometimes I do, but I truly do like them (just don’t tell anybody).




2 thoughts on “Hey Mr. Dougy Can You Teach Me How to Dougy?

  1. I’ve found that God not only takes care of us, but BLESSES us when we step out of our comfort zones and trust Him and obey! My case in point…I went on my first missions trip last year to another country…SCARED to death! But I told God if He provided for me to go, I’d go. He did, and I went, and it changed my life!

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