Where I’m wanted

There I were . . . Babysitting myself, having a pity party, call it what you will, but we all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes. Go ahead and do it for a day or two. I think it may be sinful (not sure), but there also seems to be a healing effect, at least in the aftermath.

I felt unloveable, by humans at least; I felt unwanted, and it may be that I am; I felt hurt; I felt angry.

I’ve been thinking…

Examine the relationships in your life. If there is a friend etc. who you can’t remember WANTING you around, wanting to see you, wanting to catch up, it may be that it’s time to move on. I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore; why should I? I know with certainty that I’m lovable. I also know I can be funny, am a good listener, have talents, am not always 🙂 boring, am weird in good ways, am caring, am a great friend to have, and am worth being wanted. I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to be where I’m not wanted, so I moved on internally.

It will sting, but you’ll find there ARE people who want you around, and they should, because you’re worth having as a friend.

This is me saying that my phone rings and vibrates too, and I’ll probably be busy spending time with others who value me, but I will eventually call or text back if those I felt unwanted by should see my worth.

I recommend you consider the same mindset.

Yours truly,



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