What breaks your heart?

This is something that has been on my mind and heart a lot lately. It was brought on by some teaching I listened to while spending time on the road. The series of sermons was essentially about how it’s just not enough for us to spend our lives focusing only on a vertical relationship with God. One look at Jesus’ teachings reveals to us how important the horizontal is too. The question brought up over and over throughout the series is my title: what breaks your heart?

I came to the conclusion that for me it’s the grip porn has on so many Christians. It was the first thing that came to mind and kept recurring. That’s why I wrote the previous post and probably will write many more on the subject. I feel bad sometimes that what truly “breaks” my heart isn’t the hungry children, poor struggling farmers, or some other cause with more of an emergency. Don’t misunderstand me, it hurts deep and threatens tears to think of a starving or mistreated child or widow and I hope to help those causes with money or my time throughout life. But not every Christian can take food to hungry children overseas. In they did who would reach out a hand for a woman deep in grief over an abortion? Who would teach teenagers about Jesus who will send them into the world shortly? Who would stand in a courtroom on behalf of the battered woman or abused child?

My whole point here is to get you to think about the same question that helped me realize what God wants me to do in this life. Now helping bring people from the darkness of porn into the light is almost definitely not all I am here for, but based on how it breaks my heart I believe it is a large part. So….

What breaks your heart?


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