Too Comfortable?

I’m not sure I’ve ever told you this, but Spiritually speaking I can be a wanderer, well in my thoughts at least. I come across a verse, song, or sermon, and it stirs up something in me. I’m troubled by it in a good way; it’s good to have light shined on my dark spots, even if it hurts.

Lately comfort has been on my mind . . . I believe you and I both have difficulty arranging our priorities. I’ve often wondered if there is ever even one second during which we could say we truly loved God with everything we have and our neighbor more than self, but that’s another topic for another time. I think a wise man [or woman :)] should constant evaluate himself. Am I obeying, really? Is God number one, really? The kicker: am I being honest with myself, REALLY?

If I’m honest I must face the fact that the number one spot (or a number above Father anyway) in my heart often belongs to comfort. I long for comfort, I love it, I seek it.

When’s the last time I had an uncomfortable conversation with someone for their benefit? Few and far between.

What keeps me at my job? Comfort. I never really believed it was home forever, but I’m comfortable. If I really seek out where God wants me I might have to be uncomfortable.

What has driven most of my decisions in the past? You got it

Why did I enter relationships I knew I shouldn’t have? Again with the C word

Why do I ignore the nudges I get to say something, to show kindness to a stranger, to go to the altar, to use my talents for Him? Why do I wear the clothes I do?

I’ll spare you, but it goes on with virtually no end. This is not the life for you and I. It’s not what we were born again for. Comfort is not our God. This life isn’t about being comfortable as much as possible. It suddenly hit me that there are tons of verses in the bible that talk about comfort, and nearly all the ones I can think of refer to the comforter, Holy Spirit. We’re not meant to be comfortable with our lives but comforted by the comforter during our lives.

Picture this: you and I both lay this obsession down. What if we prayed, listened, and went for that uncomfortable job? Gave money to that stranger when we get that feeling? Taught that class? What if we didn’t change the world but changed the world for one person and he or she did the same for three others? Do you have any idea how much good could come from it if you drew comfort from God instead of circumstances?!

Im not even sure where to start but where I am with what I’ve got sounds reasonable enough. I can’t say I’m excited to get uncomfortable, but I don’t think I can go on the same now that this has come up. I hope now I’m dragging you along with me 😉


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