My First Movie

I went to see my first movie today! Ok so it wasn’t really my first, not even close, but it was the first I went to by myself. So what’s the big deal? I’ve told you before that I’m introverted, but I don’t think I can convey just how much I am. Not necessarily shy mind you just very much an introvert.

I went to see batman vs. superman; side note: I have to concede that I was wrong about hating that Ben Affleck was cast as batman. It felt like something I had to do, not the particular movie but going alone. When I was younger I virtually refused to go anywhere alone except riding around serenading my vehicle. Over the last few years of living alone I’ve grown comfortable doing lots of things by myself: going to the grocery store, occasionally eating out, clothes shopping, and the like. There have still been lots of things I wouldn’t do though; without thinking about it I was saving these activities for a relationship. I wouldn’t eat somewhere nice, go to public events, movies, etc. without a friend or date.

I realize now I forgot to tell you I went to see a movie a couple weeks ago with an ex whom I am still kosher with. Though I can’t say for sure, it may have very well been a bad idea, but it was a totally Platonic lunch/movie outing. I insisted on paying for everything; when she asked why I told her I appreciated her going with me to a movie she cared little about because i just couldn’t see myself going alone. But I began to wonder on the way home, why can’t I?

Now you may not be guilty of this as I was, but I see now we can’t just put life on hold until we find that great earthly relationship. Time doesn’t hold up and tomorrow might not ever come. God has made no promise to you or I of a spouse, at least not that I’m aware of. It’s not about movies; it’s about living. It’s about getting out and meeting people, connecting with them.

Something strange happened today. I had conversations or interactions, brief ones but still, with at least 4 people today that I’m almost certain wouldn’t have happened had I been with someone else. I was looking back earlier tonight wondering why when it hit me: people will talk to a person by their self when they wouldn’t otherwise. Imagine the difference in making conversation while standing in line with someone alone versus someone with a friend. I’d never realized it but do you see it? It’s totally different.

Maybe I can finally see that there is something to being able to serve the Lord in certain ways as a single guy that will fade anyway in marriage. If we want to share His love it will require connecting with strangers; it will never be easier than now to strike up a conversation with the guy walking into the theater In front of me that leads to deeper more important topics.

One other thought: I don’t know that you’ve ever told me just how much you are focused on marriage. Honestly I’m a romantic sucker but don’t want to rush His timing either. Even when it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex this has implications. I can’t speak for all guys, but there’s next to zero chance of me trying to talk to a girl I’m interested in who’s with friends at the moment. She’s already occupied and doing her own thing with her friend.

Basically I just wanted to say I think it’s time we stop waiting around. When it comes to doing God’s work, enjoying life, and meeting that special someone I believe we’d do well to venture out alone a little more often.


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