If you’re hurting

Hello there, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been what one might call MIA, but I just can’t make myself write until I’ve something to say.

I just finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix; my heart has been wrenched in so many ways this week. It’s a really good show that I Recommend. It calls back so many memories: a time in high school I thought a lot about ending it all, times I tried to help students as a youth pastor, opportunities I’ve missed to be kind to someone.


A lot has happened the last few months , and maybe I’ll get to that soon. Tonight though I just want to reach my hand to you. If you’re hurting, even if it’s nowhere near suicidal, I’ve been praying for you. And I hate that you hurt right now. Whatever it is, whatever happened, if someone did something to you or you did it to yourself, I’m sorry; I hope you can rest tonight. I hope you can sleep and wake up tomorrow. I hope tomorrow is better.


If you need a lifeline I will do my best, even if my best is just to listen. There is hope. This much I know.  Breathe my friend. May you rest tonight.


2 thoughts on “If you’re hurting

  1. I do not have Netflix but I am thinking of it investing in it SIMPLY for 13 Reasons Why. EVERYONE is talking about it. The book came out in 2007 and I think I read it in 2009 or 2010. In any case, I remember it was a really good book and now here you are talking about it again. So maybe I’ll get Netflix.

    • I’d say it’s worth it, even if you don’t keep Netflix after finishing. I don’t typically get into young adult based fiction, but this was so well done and compelling. Thanks for commenting!

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