Where the Green Grass Grows

There are a couple phrases/thoughts that have become life-verses of sorts to me lately, and I thought it fitting to share them in case someone else could use them also. Now, these aren’t verses from the Bible but ways of thinking influenced by it.

  1. “It feeds. It grows.” There are many, many different ways of phrasing this thought, but I find it helpful no matter the phrasing. I’ve actually been thinking of getting this as a tattoo. (never been much on tattoos, but I am willing to consider something so significant to my life in Christ). It’s simple; whatever we feed grows. This is what I remind myself with when I am tempted in relation to: porn, study, fitness, actions, virtually everything. Feed the soul, and it grows; feed the flesh, and it grows; feed your belly with junk, and it grows; feed your muscles, and they grow; feed the brain, and it grows. One very important thing to remember about appetites is they are never fully satisfied. I love ice cream. Really. Somehow I can never seem to get enough…
  2. “It’s not my grass.” I should thank my great friend Melissa for this one. It’s not that this was new for me, just forgotten perhaps. Just yesterday I got a reminder on Facebook where a former youth-group student had tagged me three years ago after I taught essentially this very thing. I find it funny that I have still yet to fully learn and embrace it. Or maybe I have now, but it took several years to learn something I taught back then. Anyway, the point is that the grass so often seems so much greener across the fence, but that is just not my grass. That is not the yard God has given me at this time; it’s not an accident; it’s not an oversight. I have the grass He wants me to have, and mine isn’t green because I’m focused on my neighbor’s. This is usually related to being single at 30 for me, not always, but most of the time. I also tend towards coveting others’ marriage, homes, careers, success. But they aren’t mine; it’s time to work on and with what He has given me. It’s also time to stop focusing so much on becoming a husband for a future wife and start becoming the son of His I was made to be.

These aren’t the only things I tell myself on a regular basis, but they are very important to me. What are some of yours?


One thought on “Where the Green Grass Grows

  1. Wonderful post, missed your writing! Hmmm I have to think of a saying, there are many that help me! Now you got my brain going!

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