Problems with a Common Denominator

I ran into an old friend today at work, and we had a great time talking. We covered all sorts of movies, tv shows, vehicles, and as she was leaving . . . Relationships.

She was recounting all the bad ones, and I just couldn’t help myself; I shared what I’ve learned. “I’ll tell you what I tell myself; the only thing all those people have in common is you. You picked every one of them.”

Sidebar: there is literally no telling how many great chances you and I have written off completely or stuck in the “friend zone”…

I get it, really. Attraction, along with tons of other variables, plays a part. I’m just saying I don’t have much pity for us in this particular area.

I think I completely caught her off guard and rightfully so since I usually don’t say things like that. I felt it was necessary though. There are many times I wish someone would have just bluntly told me what I needed to hear, not with a shrug but a caring smile.

That’s been a difficult truth for me, but it opens the door to grow. I’ve found lots of problems in which I’m the common denominator.

1. Girlfriends I choose.
2. Friends I become distant with.
3. I hate to admit it, but most people get on my nerves. I’m the common thing there too.
4. Honestly, it seems like almost everything gets on my nerves.
5. All the situations that make me anxious.
6. Less than ideal physical fitness.
7. Wasted time.
8. I’ll stop here, but surely you get the point.

Of course there are plenty positives, laughs, smiles, and good times in my life as well, but sue me, I’m always looking to improve.

I’m not the only one. When are you the common?


4 thoughts on “Problems with a Common Denominator

      • Yes, don’t go there! We need people and have to let them in of course using our discernment, God did not make us to exist in isolation

      • Forgive me, I forgot to respond! I think my problem is that I’m far too open many times, maybe even to the point of making people uncomfortable. That’s just a hunch, no confirmation. And then when something happens or they don’t reciprocate I take it far too hard.

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