Wasting Time


I can barely recognize that guy in the pictures. (Forgive me, a picture of pictures is terrible I know, but that’s the best I could come up with; I’m not very techy when it comes to photography.)

He looks so happy to finally finish his undergrad work . . . a great deal of work I might add. No weekends, no t.v. during the week, little time with friends, youth minister during all of this, he worked so hard to get to these pictures; and by the time he got here he already knew he most likely wouldn’t use his degree in a career. It seems like a lifetime ago.

I’ve been doing better lately, mostly anyway; but this time of year always stings a little. Everyone is excited to move into their next chapter whether it be college or seeking a meaningful career. For me it’s just a reminder of another year gone by with little to no progress. It’s four years now since I finished my undergrad work, and I can’t think of much to show for it. I am taking mixed martial art classes (which I really enjoy btw), playing guitar in the Church, and going to work in a tire shop; sure there has been some spiritual growth, but by and large I still fill unfulfilled. Unfulfilled inside and unfulfilled potential; it’s as if the past four years have been for nothing.

I think God may have given me some insight into that . . . A few days ago I received a mass email; it was totally unrelated and addressed whether or not to let kids have a smart phone, but something the author said struck a chord. As his kids age he relaxes a little at a time on the phones, but he still doesn’t let them use social media except rare occasions, have more than a couple of games, or have many other “fun” things on their phones in general. Why?

It’s a waste of time.

Time is extremely precious in this life; we only get a short window to do what we can with what we have. There’s not enough to waste it.

If I’ve accomplished nothing the past four years it’s because of a simple reason.


Rest isn’t a waste; I don’t do much of anything on Sunday, and I firmly believe that’s ok. God means for us to rest; he commanded the Israelites to do so. But, He only commanded them to do so one day each week. I remember how much effort I had to put in for that degree, and it bears no resemblance to my life now.

Friend, I know I have dropped the ball; I have no idea what I’m supposed to accomplish in this life. I do know it won’t be through wasting hours each day on facebook, Youtube, mindlessly watching t.v., or playing games.

Perhaps you are like me in that you tend to waste precious time; I pray we both wake up and start making much better use of it. There’s no time to waste.




2 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. Is it possible that no life is wasted in which we learn to find out satisfaction and fulfillment and purpose in Jesus Christ alone? Like Mary in the Bible we learn to be still and listen to Him, finding Him to be our greatest joy? Playing guitar in church, working at the tire shop…these things may not bring you fulfillment but can anything in this life really? We were made in the image of God to glorify Him. I think it’s so easy to be discontent and feel like our work isn’t enough, or important. What if instead, we do our work, but more importantly we seek God first (and only Him), trusting Him to direct our lives; trusting every day, every moment to Him in surrender and dependency. Then our work will become worship (including fixing tires)! No time will be wasted when our hearts are worshipping Jesus and enjoying His presence.
    Psa 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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