Miss Independent, Miss Self-Sufficient: What Us Single and Dating Girls Can Learn from A Wife’s Secret to Happiness

Dating with Jesus

IndependentLadyMy man told me something the other day that stung.

“You don’t really trust me. At all.”

For my man to make such a bold declaration is not to be ignored. He’s typically the silent, stoic type, and I’m the expressive, reactor type. It’s taking time, but we’re starting to learn each other, and even grow from each other’s conflict differences, though sometimes my reactions make my man want to leave the room or car pronto. I can see it in his eyes and silence.

But when he made this declaration after I pushed him toward sharing with me what was really on his heart, I saw some truth in it.

I mean, of course I trust him in some ways. In a lot of ways. But I’m not going to judge my man for using an all-or-nothing statement—because I’m just SO glad he shared his heart.

And I felt…

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